Wooden Zoo posted 13th Apr 2014, 10:28 AM
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Wooden Zoo

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Woo! What a zoo!!

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Quite beautiful

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"Gracious me"? Dorothy, you're too cute.
Also frickin boss scenery. Frickin boss.

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Спасибо большое за чудесный комикс! =)

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Спасибо за чтение :в

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Good Lord...this is just, I mean, THIS SCENERY THOUGH!
its too much to handle...*so pretty*

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`The Nonsensical
That is beautiful! I want to hug all of them and hope i pull back with all my appendages!

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Noooooo! I caught up! I have to wait like everyone else!

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That is just marvelous! The colors are so beautiful! <3 I like the glowy eyes too. owo

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may I use this as my desktop background?

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4 things:

1: why does nick stutter [& have small feet]? what happened to him? [on that note, why does he still have a human/flesh head?

2: good question, how does a scarecrow smoke? don't you need lungs/lung mechanisms for that? does he have any?

3: why does nick say hell do it 'for the girls'? does he think shawn is a girl or does he have daughters/close girl relatives/friends we don't know about [yet]?

4: is it 'dolly' or 'dorothy' gale? which is it officially in this story?

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aye, let's see

1. Well, why do people stutter?
Small feet kick ass, no pun intended.
The explanation of what happened to him takes, like, 40% of the comic

2. that was the joke :c

3. It's not about Shawn

4. Dolly is short for Dorothy

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